Apple TV Features And Benefits

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Apple TV Features And Benefits

Apple TV Features And Benefits

During this upcoming year you can expect to see both apple tv features and benefits. Will the Apple TV revolutionize the television market like it has done the tablet market? Well, it seems to be their goal, and who could blame them. Imagine make purchase through your tv, that also can be used on all of your other i-devices.

Apple TV Features And Benefits


Apple TV Features

Everyone is probably familiar with  Apple TV features for the Apple TV Set a.k.a. iTV will arrive in two sizes, a 42-inch and 50-inch model. There was also talk of three sizes. The probability of guessing an Apple TV release date is next to impossible, as it may not even happen this year. We heard viaUSA Today that an Apple TV set is alive and well in the lab of Apple VP of industrial design Jony Ive. Given Apple’s track record of success with a fair amount of product launches, and the unbearable standard that the company is held to after they blew the world up with the initial iPhone launch and the success of the iPad, any Apple TV set better be pretty friggin’ good. Steve Jobs set high expectations for the products to live up to.

Still, some Apple TV features are dead ringers and easy to include as likely possibilities: built-in Wi-Fi to support the notion of the “connected TV.” Siri is a must have, since Apple seems to be all Siri all the time now. The much talked about iPad 3 release date will obviously tie in to anything Apple TV or the use of video. The looming iCloud and iTunes could create a new ecosystem of Apple TV apps for movies and TV shows, with accessibility from an iPhone, iPad or computer. We really have no idea of the potential of iCloud right now for movies and TV shows, but the idea of selling, renting and storing movies and TV shows via iCloud seems huge. Spotify launched their Spotify apps platform, imagine this idea for Apple TV and iCloud, and we get a picture of how developers can create channels for video content and develop their own individual platforms. One day we could laugh at how premium cable service offered roughly a hundred TV channels when Internet video channels could easily be as common as individual web sites or YouTube channels. Everyone gets an Apple TV channel! Start concepting yours now …

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With the apple tv features and benefits, who do you think will gain the most? Will it be the customers, Apple, or the app developers?  It easy to say all will benefit, but we witnessing a shift in society. When there’s a shift in society, those that are opportunist make a pretty penny. How attractive are your pennies?

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