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Ipad Solutions For Digital Recording Studio Equipment

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ipad solutions for digital recording studio equipment

ipad solutions for digital recording studio equipment-credit Wiki Commons

Whatever  field of human endeavor you’re the iPad seems to have an app for you. It has for apps that provide solutions in business, fun and entertainment, cinema, television, and radio. Finally it has an app for music production. Here’s the ipad solutions for digital recording studio equipment.


Ipad Solutions For Digital Recording Studio Equipment


Sure, you can make music on the iPhone, but iPad‘s big screen and faster processor work better for apps that present a more complete version of the typical recording studio.

This difference becomes immediately clear with Tabletop for iPad. It’s not just a collection of sequencers and sample pads, but rather a full-service, multi-channel, multi-machine modular workstation for creating and performing electronic music and custom hip-hop beats.

The app is so similar to the free, flash-basedDAW Audiotool for computers (also available on Android as Audiotool Sketch, likely the best DAW app on Android) that we initially assumed Audiotool developer André Michellemust have been involved. However, it appears Retronyms (publisher of Tabletop) has gotten away with a pretty decent, albeit more expensive, iOS copy of one of our favorite modular studio apps for the web.

Tabletop probably couldn’t exist on the iPhone, although the iPhone 4s’ dual core A5 chip could probably handle it. Really, it’s the extra screen real estate that makes this app so iPad-worthy, allowing you to assemble and re-arrange a custom music workstation from a variety of included modules, with more available for in-app purchase.

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The ipad solutions for digital recording studio equipment turns a potential 10′ x 10′ room, of 10′s thousands of dollars of equipment into the size of an app. How much more music can you produce with less equipment.


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