iPad Solutions For iOS 6 Download Problems

ipad solutions for iOS 6 download problems
ipad solutions for iOS 6 download problems

Many of us are experiencing problems prompting our ipad solutions for iOS 6 download problems report. With all the buzz over the new iphone 5 and the potential iPad mini, many were truly blindsided by the problems they’re experiencing after upgrading to iOS6 :(. However there may be light at the end of this dark upgrade tunnel…Read further.

iPad Solutions For iOS 6 Download Problems

Watch out for these three issues when you download iOS 6:

1) Downloading the update

The troubles started with the process of downloading the massive update itself, which clocked in at a hefty 2.5 GB. iOS 6 is an “over the air” upgrade, meaning no connection to iTunes is required. It also meant that millions of early adopters were all trying to grab the file at the same time when it first appeared in Software Update Wednesday morning.

Apple servers seemed to hold up pretty well under the pressure, although users saw wildly different download times depending on their connection, location and time of day — from a few minutes all the way up to 5 hours.

Many found a greater problem was in store when the update installed itself, and froze with an apparently empty progress bar. If they were patient, however, the bar would suddenly show a lot of progress very fast — as much as an hour later.

2) Wi-Fi

The new OS has had its share of troubles, most notably a Wi-Fi login bug that Apple quickly and mysteriously resolved.

Attempting to log into Wifi network their phones and tablets had previously recognized and stored passwords for, users were assaulted with a Log In page that directed them to a non-working URL at Apple.com.

When confronted with the bug, the company acknowledged that it had existed, but shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Sure enough, whatever switch was flipped on the back end worked, and the Wifi bug vanished.

3) Music

Other users saw ongoing problems with accessing music on their iPhones. Some users reported that their Music libraries had suddenly vanished. Playlist, Artist and Album names all remained, but the tracks themselves were unavailable.

A spinning wheel in the upper left corner of the device’s screen indicated that the Music app was trying to access something, but the songs remained stubbornly invisible, even to Siri.

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Here’s what I came across as a solution to fixing the iOS 6 wifi download problems

iOS 6 wifi download problems
iOS 6 wifi download problems

The temporary solution lies in adjusting a Wi-Fi setting within the iPhone or iPad’s general Settings. Here is what you should try if you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi.

1. First, head to Settings.

2. From there, go to Wi-Fi.

3. Click the blue arrow that rests to the right of your preferred Wi-Fi network.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and find HTTP Proxy.

5. Set it to Auto.

This is working for many people it seems and it’s definitely worth a try for those that are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi after installing iOS 6.

We’re also seeing another possible fix and it involves turning off Cellular Data, connecting to Wi-Fi and then turning Cellular Data back on.

1) Head to Settings.

2. Go to General.

3. Click Cellular, which should be on.

4. Flip Cellular Data to Off.

5. Connect to Wi-Fi.

6. Turn Cellular Data back On.

Again, this is obviously a temporary fix but it’s definitely worth trying if you’re still having problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

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So there’s our quick ipad solutions for iOS 6 download problems, we know bummer, right? The iOS 6 should be totally fine, soon. Please Share with all you know that are having problems with the iOS6.

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